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JULY 2022 - JUNE 2023

The Pathways to Ending Homelessness Begin with Learning

LifeMoves is building with hope and leading with solutions derived from testing and evaluation. We are committed to constantly learning, optimizing our methods, expanding our supportive services, and accelerating our ability to produce positive outcomes with measurable impact.

A message from our leaders

For those experiencing homelessness, oftentimes the pathways to stable housing begin with interim housing. And for those of us committed to providing better interim housing and supportive services, the path begins with learning.

LifeMoves is a learning organization. We’re paying closer attention to every detail and to where they lead us. Only by taking this approach, by iterating, by innovating, will we be able to provide the critical housing and support services that our clients desire.

We’re in the middle of a homelessness crisis that is leaving more people with no place to call home. To meet this escalating demand for affordable permanent housing, we must create more interim housing options, provide customized supportive services, and create access to broader resources. The good news is, homelessness is a solvable problem, and we plan on being a big part of the collective solution.

As we improve, the entire supportive housing ecosystem will improve, and ultimately, life will be better for both our clients and our community. To achieve this, LifeMoves is developing and demonstrating our evidence-based service model and engaging the broader community in our solutions. Testing different solutions and services in different settings is revealing what works best. And the data is revealing some exciting trends. Each day, we’re learning more, and we’re sharing our findings with other organizations so that they, too, will benefit from our discoveries.

Our model is producing new progress and promise. LifeMoves client exits to permanent housing are on the rise. Over the past 3 years, 83% of families who secured permanent housing after staying at LifeMoves, kept that housing 1 year later.

Discovery and development is an ongoing process. We are continually thinking about how we operationalize our methods and how we ensure that timely, actionable data informs our decision-making.

As we move forward, we will continue to create new pathways to permanent housing with tailored services and access to resources. We will continue to collaborate with our partners and our community. And we will continue to engage our clients and staff with dignity and respect.

Aubrey Merriman

Chief Executive Officer at LifeMoves

Patrick Heron

Chairman of the Board at LifeMoves

This was somewhere I could restart, regroup, rethink about things, and push forward. I feel like I’m running my own show and marching towards what I want.

Crisanta, LifeMoves client

LifeMoves came along at just the right time. My case manager was so supportive – she never gave up on me, which encouraged me to not give up on myself. That’s how I got myself out of a bad place and into a fresh beginning.

Alice, LifeMoves client

I’m no longer an addict. I’m no longer homeless. I’m no longer incarcerated. I’m achieving my goals and being a dad again.

Joe, LifeMoves client

What we learn changes people’s lives

At LifeMoves, we use data to transform how we serve those experiencing homelessness. We do this so that we can create life-changing solutions for our clients.

  • Our vision

    Build thriving communities where every neighbor has a home.

  • Our mission

    End homelessness through interim housing, support services, and collaborative partnerships.

The numbers tell a deeper story.
LifeMoves served over 7,075 clients every year through 4 core program areas: Outreach (1,552 clients last fiscal year), Interim Supportive Housing (3,537 clients), Specialized Services such as the Opportunity Center (1,529 clients), and Prevention (457 clients).
We provide tailored and intensive services.
0 %
of all LifeMoves clients in FY23 were served through our Interim Supportive Housing and Outreach programs, which offer the most intensive and tailored support.
hours per day of tailored case management were provided to clients across LifeMoves programs.
With our tailored support, clients get help to successfully navigate systemic barriers and achieve their housing goals.
clients, more than 1 per day, who connected with our Outreach teams moved out of unsheltered homelessness situations and into Interim Supportive Housing.
0 %
of families in LifeMoves Interim Supportive Housing moved to permanent housing in FY23. Over 8 in 10 of LifeMoves families placed in permanent housing maintained it 1 year later.
0 %
of single adult clients in LifeMoves Interim Supportive Housing moved to permanent housing last year, consistent with county-wide benchmarks for this population. 3 out of 4 single adults placed in permanent housing maintained it 1 year later.

Our testing and learning reveals three key findings


The importance of safe, private, dignified spaces becomes irrefutable.

By building more safe, private, and dignified environments in 2023, we learned they are popular, effective, and lead to life-changing outcomes. These conclusions have been validated by outside research. View our new sites.


Length of stay steps into the forefront.

The time a client stays with LifeMoves can influence success. Our 2023 data showed us that a stay can be too short, but it can also be too long. The right length of stay depends on whether the client is a single adult or a family as well as their individual needs and unique circumstances. However, if client stays are too short or too long, they may not receive the full benefit of participating in our program.


The profile of client types is diverging.

Demographic deep-dives have allowed us to quantify just how different from one another our two main household types are becoming. Single adult clients are more likely to be male and skew much older (age 55+), more chronically homeless, and more likely to have disabilities or mental health challenges. Family clients tend to be younger (ages 25-34), with a female head of household, and are less likely to experience disabilities or chronic homelessness.

Urban Land Institute's Award Winning Mountain View Site
Our findings are trending with greater ecosystem benchmarks.

LifeMoves is benchmarking its performance data against countywide performance metrics. We track both site-level and agency-level outcomes. What we’re learning is that LifeMoves is meeting or exceeding the performance targets for the counties in which we work.

LifeMoves also uses publicly available data to track performance and trends statewide. In 2023, key research was published by the UCSF Benioff Homelessness and Housing Initiative and the UC Berkeley Terner Center for Housing Innovation that showed our findings aren’t unique to LifeMoves, or even to Silicon Valley, but are consistent with trends throughout the state of California.

Urban Land Institute's Award Winning Mountain View Site
We will use data to lead and influence in 2024.

We plan to leverage our learning opportunities to make gains for both our clients and organizations similar to ours. We will deepen our understanding of how built environments influence client outcomes. We’ll continue to use data to define optimal lengths of stay, which will help us organize program delivery and ensure that clients reap the full program benefits during their time with us. And, finally, we will share our findings with partners and others in the field so that our size, scope, and expertise contribute to the collective pursuit of ending homelessness at scale.

Homelessness impacts us all

Serving diverse clients strengthens the community.

Homelessness is not a homogenous experience. It touches different people in different situations. From the 7,075 unique clients that we served in 2023, we’ve learned that clients can be distinguished in certain ways. However, they can also fall into more than one of the categories below.

1 in 3
clients was experiencing homelessness for the first time
1 in 4
clients was over 55 years old
1 in 5
beds was occupied by a child
2 in 3
clients were single adults
3 in 4
clients identified as persons of color

Specialized solutions support our programs.

Within LifeMoves’ intensive programs, case managers tailor solutions from different categories to meet clients where they are. The housing solutions include documentation, staff assistance, and life skills workshops. Our physical solution involves personal case management and individual/group and drop-in therapy. Our mental health solutions include MediCal and Medicaid enrollment, and medication adherence support. We also render financial solutions such as credit repair, job training enrollment, and employment staff assistance. Finally, our legal solutions include undocumented client support, document sourcing, and child support assistance.

Meeting clients where they are.

Our client-centered tools help us customize plans

Mental Health
Mental Health
Physical Health
Physical Health
Click on one of the 5 areas to learn more

Meeting clients where they are.

Our client-centered tools help us customize plans


  • Document sourcing, housing applications, connection to landlords
  • Housing Specialist staff for additional support
  • Workshops on life skills, living in community

Mental Health

  • Individual, group, and drop-in therapy
  • 1:1 case management


  • Credit repair programs
  • Connection to safety net benefits
  • Enrollment in job training
  • Employment Specialist staff for A-to-Z support for job applications and connecting to employers

Physical Health

  • Enrollment in MediCal, MedicAid
  • 3 meals per day
  • Referrals to outside health providers
  • Transportation to appointments
  • Medication adherence support

Every face tells a story

A Mother & Son with Special Needs Move Forward

Raising a teenager is already challenging, and even more so with a low-paying job and an absence of stable housing. That was the reality Tammy faced before she found herself at LifeMoves Villa, which serves families, single women, and veterans. Determined to turn things around, Tammy and her son were able to access the help they each wanted or needed.

Tammy wasted no time in her pursuit of improved circumstances. With determination and the assistance provided by LifeMoves, she greatly improved her credit score, and secured a higher-paying job with more favorable hours, giving her a solid foundation to rebuild their lives.

Her son’s journey was more intricate. With an IEP (Individual Education Plan) in hand, his educational and social needs require careful attention. Through the TAP-In Tutoring program, his academic abilities soared, earning him over $100 in incentives. Transportation hurdles were overcome, ensuring his regular attendance, and provisions were made for independent study when transportation faltered. Additionally, he received invaluable one-on-one teen therapy services through LifeMoves.

As they navigated their challenges, Tammy and her son found a sense of belonging within the Villa community. With the support of fellow residents, they tackled obstacles head-on. Within a mere three months, they had not only regained their confidence but also accumulated savings substantial enough to secure their own home.

Nearly two years after their departure from LifeMoves, Tammy and her son continue to thrive in the same apartment. Tammy now serves as a property manager for the company that owns her unit, and she personally oversees five properties.

“LifeMoves fueled my determination because going back is not an option,” Tammy affirmed. “Taking a leap of faith is what LifeMoves taught me,” she added, reflecting on the organization that extended a helping hand when she needed it most.

Meanwhile, her son faced his own struggles, grappling with depression following the anniversary of his father’s passing. However, with resilience and support, he’s excelling academically, earning A’s and B’s, forming friendships, and enjoying school.

Through it all, his IEP remains a valuable tool, continuing to guide and support his educational journey.

Tammy proudly holds up a set of keys, as shown in the picture, and reflects on how far they’ve come. These keys, which are the same set that she currently has today, represent her resilience, determination, and the unwavering belief that a brighter future is always within reach.

Carlos’ Story

Carlos was a battle-hardened Marine and his son had been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. But their journey is one of resilience and hope.

Carlos served two tours in Iraq, risking his life to serve his country. When he returned home, he found himself struggling with mental health issues. With nowhere to turn, Carlos and his son became unhoused. When the VA referred him to LifeMoves The Villa, Carlos and his son received interim housing and wrap-around services that gave them much-needed stability and support as they navigated their way back to a life of self-sufficiency.

With this support, Carlos secured two jobs — working for the railroad and as a security guard. With his case manager’s help, Carlos secured a VA Supportive Housing voucher and moved into a two-bedroom home. But more challenges lay ahead. Carlos wanted to open a bank account and improve his credit score of 560. Carlos raised his credit score to 640 in just three months – a testament to his desire to rebuild his and his son’s lives.

Carlos also worked closely with LifeMoves to ensure his son’s special needs were met. From enrolling him in Head Start to accessing additional academic assistance, Carlos was tenacious in securing the best opportunities for his child. Carlos and his son graduated from The Villa program. Their story is a reminder that even in the face of overwhelming challenges, help, hope, and hard work can light the path to a better future.

Sharlet’s Story

My husband died after 35 years of marriage and I was left to raise our 4 children. We were ready to start our next chapter when my husband was killed by a drunk driver. I ended up living in my car. Then the LifeMoves Outreach Team found me.

Deborah, my case manager at LifeMoves Mountain View, helped me find grief counseling and support finding a job and housing. I didn’t tell my family while I was here because they all wanted to take me in. And if I did let them help me out, I knew I would still be dependent on another individual for the rest of my life.

I needed to discover who I was without my husband. I had never worked outside my home before. LifeMoves helped me build the confidence and skills to do it. I got my first job. And then another, and then another. At one point, I was working three jobs.

Staying here allowed me to save more money than I’ve ever saved in my whole life. And then I found a place to live — and it’s awesome. I love my new neighborhood and my independence. I don’t know if I’d be where I am right now without LifeMoves.

Our plan for achieving intelligent, focused, sustainable growth

Our new 5-year strategic plan is redefining our path forward. It is building upon our innovative interim housing model and expert service delivery to ensure that our unhoused neighbors have the housing and support they need to thrive.

Read Pathways Ahead, Our 5-Year Strategic Plan >

This unique strategy is based on three pillars — clients, staff, and community.

Community Support

Every contribution gets us one step closer.

We are grateful for the support of our dedicated LifeMoves volunteers, whose time, efforts, and creativity were especially crucial during the last twelve months. Your support has helped our clients feel warmly welcomed and at home.

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Meet the team that guides our vision

Our Board of Directors (July 2022 - June 2023)

Patrick Heron
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Where partnership opportunities become positive outcomes.

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Cadence Design Systems, Inc.
Sherry and Michael Campbell
Claire Maria Campodonico
Julie Carver Cardillo and Louis Cardillo
Susan Casentini and Kyle Milligan
John and Nancy Cassidy Family Foundation
CBRE Foundation, Inc.
Cheryl and Albert Cha
Madeline Chaleff and David Arfin
Linda and John Chamberlain
Ana Chang and Robert Lister
Chen Family Fund
Renee Chevalier
Jonathan Childs
Denise Chilow and Simon Bloch
William W. Chong
John Chow
Mia and Tim Clark
Lisa Coates

Susan and Robert Coffman
Edith and John Collin
Cathy and Stephen Combs
Robert Cook
Michael Corey
Christina Corpus Kovach
Laura and Catalin Cosovanu
Covenant Presbyterian Church of Palo Alto
Richard Craig
Kay Craven and Jim Hieronymus
Judy Creek
Beth Cross and Tony Stayner
D. Smith Memorial Fund
Gisela and Douglas Daetz
Peggy and Yogen Dalal
Paul Dankert
Elizabeth and Donald Darby
Carolyn and Gordon Davidson
Karen and Eric Davis
Amanda Decker
Miriam DeJongh
Linda and Edgar DeMeo
Laura Demsetz and Bernard Adelstein
Daniel Dermer and Frank Pratt
Scott Dietzen
Linh Do and Erno Pungor
Jane Donahue and Drago Rajkovic
Vanessa and Robert Drebin
Christina and Jason Drogin
Katherine Durgin and Elaine McKinley
Marcy Dutton and David Segre
Matthew Eichner
Leonard Ely
The Epsteins
Cheryl Erickson
Sigrid and Kevin Eyres
Sally and Craig Falkenhagen
Cheryl and Delwin Fassett
Nancy Federspiel
Jan and Bryan Ferguson
Margaret Ann and Donald Fidler
Heidi and Christopher Finan
Lisa and Gregory Finley
First Canada (B.V.I) Corporation
First Congregational Church
First Congregational Church of San Jose
First Presbyterian Church of Palo Alto
Carol and Brian Fischer
Jeanne and Frank Fischer
Leslie and Mark Fisk
Laura and Mark Flessel
Carol and Roger Flores
Lauri and Renato Floresca
Diane Flynn and Dwight and Ronald Johnson
Elizabeth and Paul Fraley
Kelvin Franklin
Wyatt Gale
David Gaus
Wendy Gee and Gary Wong
Bonnie and Robert Gerlach
Lucille Glassman
The Glastenbury Foundation
Globe Electric Company
Jill Goldsmith and Perry Mizota
Pete Goldsmith
Joanne and Jon Goldstein
Martina and Maurice Goodman
Denise and Michael Gormish
Susan Griswold
Mark Gschwind
Diane Guinta and Paul Goldstein
Deanna and David Gustavson
Elaine and Eric Hahn
Scott Hall
Katie and Bill Hammerson
Lisa and Donald Hanle
Richard Hanley
Bonnie and Erik Hansen
Maricirs and Richard Hansen
Cynthia Harris and Daniel Sze
Joyce and James Harris
Beth Harrison and Peter Hartzell
Anne and Steve Hartman
Albert Haust III
Roy Hayter
Nancy Heinen and Dennis Debroeck

Mitzi Henderson
Henry Ford School
Carol and Douglas Henton
Stefan Hepper
Hillsdale United Methodist Church
Patricia Ho and William Van Melle
Cynthia and Dennis Holmes
Laurie and Rob Holyoake
Eric Hoover
Mary and Thomas Hunt
Lisa and Calvin Huntzinger
Alyson and Jim Illich
Indonesian Evangelical Church
International Interior Design Association (IIDA)
Irwel (B.V.I) Corporation
Mary and Rob Jack
Susan and Richard Jacobsen
Amita Jain and Niteen Patkar
Robin and Jay Jeffries
Sara and Ricardo Jenez
Judy Johnson
Junior League of Palo Alto – Mid-Peninsula, Inc
Jill and Brian Kasser
Anne and Eric Kastner
Charley Kearns
Margaret and Francis Keeler
Renate and James Kempf
David Kennedy
Jeanette Kennedy
Gail and Nick Kepler
Deborah and Kevin Kielty
Nanci and Steve Kim
Rachel Kindt and Gregory Marcus
Barbara Kirsch and Robert Feiner
Matthew Kixmoeller
Stephanie Klein and Larry Baer
Alaina Kmitta
Alexa Knight
Pamela Koch and Drew Altman
Gabriele and Fritz Koehler
Srirama Koneru
Linda and Mike Kress
JoAnn Kukulus and Fred Wiener
Judy and Anthony Kwee
Carol and Robert LaBarthe
Karen Latina and Evan Susser
Maureen LaTourrette
Anne and Kenneth Lawler
Donna and Scott Leahy
Scott Leahy
Shirley and Daniel Lee
John Lee
Andy Leeds
Beth and Karl Levy
Alana Lieberman and Lorne Abramson
Jennifer Lindsay
Susan Lindstrom
Heather Linebarger
Live Oak Lions Club of Menlo Park
Ginny and Mark Lockhart
Penny and John Loeb
James Long
Annamarie and Alan Louie
Lu Wang Family Foundation
Connie and Robert Lurie
Andrea Luskin and Andy Jeffrey
Joshua Mabry
Patricia and Joseph Mach
Grace Mah and Don Chin
Sophie Maletsky
Sophie Maletsky
Marco Polo Management
Lisa Mario
Kaaren and Richard Marquez
Mary Marsh
Penelope Martell
Joan Martin-Lake and Paul Lake
Philip Mast
Bonnie Matlock and Tod Francis
Joey McDaniel
Suzanne and James McElwee
Amy and Robert McHugh
Meg and Stuart McLaughlin
Debra and Jim McLean
Thomas Mendoza
Debbie and Marc Metcalf
Andrew Meyer

Ivan Meyerson
Microsoft Corporation
Helen Miller
Jess and Ross Millikan
James Montanaro
Karen Moore and Peter Watkins
Elizabeth Muir
Sonya and Pratap Mukherjee
Kim and David Mullarkey
Carol Muller and Albert Henning
Renee and Adil Munshi
Maureen Murphy and Elan Scheinman
Susan and Michael Murphy
Theresa Musser
Laurel and Donald Nagle
Suzanne Nakamura and Andrew Leventhal
Deborah Neff
Roxanne Nelsen and Christina Choate
New Life Community Church
Karen and Sergio Nibbi
Marta Nichols
Susan Nitzberg
Lela Noble
Karen Offen
Suzanne and Todd Oliver
Omidyar Network Fund, Inc.
Palo Alto Christian Reformed Church
Palo Alto Networks
Linda Persson and James Little
Laura Peterhans
Bill Pflaum
Keith Pflederer
Barbara and Jerry Pierce
Lee and John Pierce
Hope, Stephen and Matthew Pilch
Laura and Mark Pitchford
Carrie Plietz
Jamie Pong
Mavie Portman
Valerie and David Powell
Margaret and Thomas Power
Arati Prabhakar and Patrick Windham
Dirk Pranke
Joan and William Price
Vickie and Robert Quenelle
Sonali and Chidambaram Rammohan
Raydean Randlett
Cathy and Lawrence Recht
Laurie Reid and Nicholas Menaker
Debra and Adam Reif
Catharine Riggs and John Witte
Alicia Gerena Roach
Teresa Roberts
Douglas Robertson
Mary and Ted Robinson
Penny Rock and Robert Garner
Arlene and Leonard Rosenberg
Katharine Rosenberry
Lisa and Mark Rosenthal
Dylan Ross
Rotary Club of Palo Alto
Katharine and Daniel Rubin
Deborah and Dan Rubnitz
Geniveve Ruskus and Derek Mulkey Foundation
San Mateo County Bar Association
Denise Savoie and Darrell Duffie
Say Hey Foundation, Inc.
Kelly and John Scandalios
Meaghan and Chris Schaefer
Heidi and Steve Schell
John Scher
Heike Schmitz and Markus Fromherz
Karen Schultheis
Lauren and Rick Schwartz
Lynn and Thomas Schworetzky
Cynthia Sears
Reva and John Segall
Cheryl and Jeffrey Selman
Sequoia Consulting Group
Vinay Shah
Loren and Robyn Shalinsky
Carla Shatz
Jennifer and Jeffrey Shaw
Jamie Shen
Claudine and James Sheridan

Katharine and Elton Sherwin
Sheree and John Shoch
Rebeca and Mark Showen
Beth and John Shuman
Carolyn and Jeremy Siegel
Petra Silton and Michael Listgarten
Bryan Silverthorn
Simon P. Morris, D.D.S. Pediatric Dentistry
Liz and Roger Sippl
Amber and Christopher Smith
Joyce and Bradley Smith
Gail and Larry Smith
Paula and Steve Smith
Diana Go and Stephen Smith
St. Andrew’s United Methodist Church
The Starbucks Foundation
Lauren Stein and Samuel Friedman
Marrilyn Stein
Joshua Sternbach
Sheila and Russell Stevens
Susanne Stevens
Dee Stewart
Margaret and Allan Steyer
Kathryn Stivers
Jialu Streeter
Trevor Strohman
Synopsys Foundation
Caroline Takahashi
Carmen Tam and Kirby Miller
Fraser Tan
Hide Tanigami
Colleen and Geoffrey Tate
Edward Taylor
Carol and Curtis Terwilliger
Holly and Buzz Thompson
Toneh and Jeffrey Thompson
Sandi and John Thompson
Kelly Thompson
Mary Alice and David Thornton
Julie Tibshirani
Jason Ting
Kristina Treanor
Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church
Hoai Truong and Kevin Whitley
Tsao Family Fund
Deanne Tucker
Salman Ullah
Union Church of Cupertino
Armen Vartanian
Marie and John Violet
VMWare Foundation
Elizabeth and Mark Vorsatz
Cathleen and Alan Wachtel
Jonathan Wade
Betty Walsh and John Stephenson
Jeanine Walters
Jacqueline and Rafik Ward
Jacqueline Warden
Judith Wasserman
Mary and John Watson
Margaret and Curt Weil
Nina Weil
Sarah and Eric Weissman
Gregory Welch
Cheryl and Clark Westmont
Lia and Jim Whitehead
Marjan and John Wilkes
Sarah Willburn
Barbara and Robert Williams
Williams Foundation
Kristen and Edward Willig
Megan Winters
Claire and Bill Wolfenden
Sheila and Mark Wolfson
Joanne and John Wondolowski
Cary Wong
Florence Wong and Andrew Haskell
Elaine and Donald Wood
Laura Woodside
Amy Woolf
Jessica Yu and Nicholas Tompkins
Janet Zablock
Karen Zak and Gary Waymire
Cindy and Peter Ziebelman
Rachel and Aaron Zubaty

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