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Community Outreach

LifeMoves is committed to growing alongside the evolving homelessness crisis. Our Community Outreach Programs include a wide range of field outreach, engagement, and prevention programs to best serve those in need.

Innovative and mobile, our Community Outreach Programs meet the evolving needs of our clients — wherever they are.

Residential Services

LifeMoves provides prevention and supportive services to help families and individuals mitigate the trauma of experiencing homelessness and improve the chances of long-term stability, all provided outside the boundaries of a traditional shelter.

LifeMoves | Motel Voucher Program

The LifeMoves | Motel Voucher Program provides a stable, safe environment for families, individuals, and couples with high-risk factors of COVID-19.

Clients participating in the Motel Voucher Program receive case management and other supportive services to help them return to stable housing.

LifeMoves | Opportunity Services Center

The LifeMoves | Opportunity Services Center provides drop-in services for single adults including food, clothing, laundry/shower facilities, and case management.


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Outreach Programs are a critical component of the LifeMoves mission. By providing services and case management to unsheltered clients, we aim to help those who are most vulnerable receive care and start building a foundation for success.

Homeless Outreach Team

LifeMoves Homeless Outreach Team (HOT) works throughout San Mateo County to meet unsheltered clients wherever they are and provide services in the field.

HOT is the LifeMoves “boots on the ground” – spending every day canvassing the streets and known encampments to identify, build relationships, and assist unsheltered clients as needed.

Last year, HOT provided services to 318 individuals and of these clients, helped 109 individuals transition into either a shelter or stable housing.

Healthcare for the Homeless

The LifeMoves Healthcare for the Homeless program aims to improve clients’ access to healthcare services in San Mateo County.

This program is meant to identify and solve healthcare issues that often serve as a barrier to a client finding stable housing or shelter. The program consists of Care Coordinaters and Community Health Outreach Workers.

Care Coordinators help clients with eligibility and signing up for health insurance, coordinating care, and providing medical transportation.

Community Health Outreach Workers connect unsheltered, medically fragile clients with the San Mateo Medical Center Street Medicine Team to help them establish primary care, AOD treatment, and more.

Whole Person Care

The Whole Person Care program is a collaborative effort between LifeMoves and San Mateo Medical Center (SMMC).

The program aims to assist unsheltered, medically fragile individuals who have a high Emergency Room utilization.

The LifeMoves Whole Person Care team locates referrals from SMMC and connects clients with comprehensive health-based supportive services and case management.

Hospital Outreach

LifeMoves partners with local hospitals to ensure medically fragile individuals are not discharged into homelessness. This program provides case management and connects Emergency Room patients with services and shelter so they can recover in a safe and stable environment.

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