LifeMoves 5-Year Strategic Plan

Homelessness is a growing crisis in Silicon Valley.

We create pathways to stable housing by providing interim housing, customized supportive services, and access to resources for individuals experiencing homelessness.

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We are proud to introduce our new approach to confronting the homelessness crisis. Through our new 5-year strategic plan, we have redefined our path forward, building on our innovative interim housing model and expert service delivery, to ensure that our unhoused neighbors have the housing and support they need to thrive. We are opening doors and creating pathways ahead for our unhoused neighbors and communities.

In many ways, our new 5-year strategic plan was inspired by your partnership, belief, and investments in our powerful outcomes. We are glad to share our sharpened and clarified mission and vision, as well as the pillars and priorities that will drive our efforts to scale our impact on the lives of our unhoused neighbors. This requires all of us doing our part and doing our part well. Working together, we can make a deep and lasting difference in Silicon Valley.

Aubrey Merriman
Chief Executive Officer

Patrick Heron
Board Chair

We address the fundamental need for shelter.

LifeMoves is dedicated to helping individuals and families experiencing homelessness to return to stable housing and self-sufficiency.


End homelessness by providing interim housing, supportive services, and building collaborative partnerships.


We envision thriving communities where every neighbor has a home.


We are open to change and growth by thinking creatively and strategically.

We work together putting clients at the center of our work, ensuring we are able to serve our clients and support colleagues to achieve our goal of stable housing for all.

We come together to achieve the best outcomes for our clients, our teams, and our community through diverse ideas and perspectives.

We are committed to applying the principles of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging to our workforce, our clients, and our culture.

We act with honesty and accountability to create an environment of trust, compassion, and belonging regardless of the challenges we may face.

We serve and acknowledge each client and colleague as an individual with love, compassion, and respect.

LifeMoves Overview

million annual budget
shelter nights / year

We have 26 sites in San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties with more underway.

Our Results

people returned to stable housing last year
of our families - engaged in supportive services - find stable housing
of all our clients - engaged in supportive services - find stable housing

We bring a comprehensive approach that works.

LifeMoves meets people where they are in their life’s journey, provides supportive services to address their needs, and creates a new kind of interim housing designed to build self-sufficiency.

We address multiple dimensions of homelessness.

Strategic Pillar 1: Clients

Reimagining our client experience and strengthening our foundations to scale impact.


1. Enhance operational models to enable consistent client and staff interactions.

2. Address facilities and infrastructure needs across programs and sites.

3. Increase staffing levels for client impact and mitigate staff burnout.

Strategic Pillar 2: Staff

Nurturing high-performing, motivated and driven teams.


1. Build a “Learning and Development” culture - strengthen everyone’s ‘Best Self’

2. Implement structures that support work-life blend.

3. Enhance our culture of trust, collaboration, and belonging.

Strategic Pillar 3: Community

Developing and demonstrating our evidence-based model and engaging the broader community in a solution.


1. A robust and complete data infrastructure and analysis system.

2. A clear model to execute pilots and projects that test for evidence-based success.

3. Continuous improvement through lived experiences and client feedback.

4. Deep partnerships and increased reach with external stakeholders.

5. Increased community support and funding opportunities.

"The [LifeMoves] 100-unit complex on Leghorn Street in Mountain View is exactly the kind of project that needs to be replicated."

– Governor Gavin Newsom

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