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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging at LifeMoves

Vision & Mission

A LifeMoves that embraces and celebrates the diversity of all our staff, clients, and the communities we represent and serve. We strive to build equity across all positions and roles at LifeMoves by fostering a culture of collaboration, mutual understanding, and respect for each individual’s identity, experience, perspective, and journey.

To achieve this, our mission is to be a nexus that brings together the perspectives of all positions and roles within the LifeMoves community to share thoughts and suggest actions that promote diversity, advance equity, foster inclusion, and create a sense of belonging. The committee will address structural gaps in representation, cultivate an environment where all identities are valued and respected, and provide resources that educate and explore different points of view.

We will accomplish this by identifying baselines and opportunities for change, being solution-focused and future-facing, and bringing awareness to different cultures and identities agency-wide.

Our vision requires immediate and extensive action.

2023 DEI&B Committee

Brandi Andino

Administrative Assistant

Sylvia Bambra

Outreach Housing Specialist

Andres Carlin

Associate Program Director | Coast House

Dolores Del Carmen Ruiz

Re-Entry Employment Specialist

Anneliese Gretsch-Martinez

Quality Assurance Manager

Johnathan Hill

Housing and Employment

Tammie Hussar-Whiteman

HR Administrative & Talent Associate

Toni Lynch

Case Manager

Alejandro Mazariegos

Development Associate

Kojo Pierce

Human Resources Associate/DEI&B Coordinator

DeLoria White

Residential Services Coordinator | Villa

Sunny Wood

Residential Services Coordinator | Julian Street Inn

Employee Resource Groups

Employee Resource Groups are organizationally supported groups of employees drawn together by common characteristics (race, gender, sexual orientation, faith, or other special interests). LifeMoves supports DEI&B initiatives by fostering these safe spaces that focus on reflection, learning, and building community.

Why Employee Resource Groups?


Improve company culture & retention

Support common goals of workplace diversity and inclusion

Establish platform to present employee concerns

Encourage employee engagement and collaborative working relationships

Create safe spaces for all employees to have a sense of belonging

DEI & Belonging Definitions


Everything that makes us who we are, seen and unseen

The full range of staff differences both visible and invisible including but not limited to race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, generation, socioeconomic status, education, citizenship status, religious affiliations & beliefs, mental or physical ability, communication styles, national origin, political beliefs, language, and cultural norms, traditions, and values.


Eliminating barriers

Eliminating barriers that have prevented the full participation of communities and individuals most impacted by systemic oppression. We achieve equity by ensuring that everyone has support and access to the resources they need to be successful.


Celebrating & embracing all backgrounds

The active practice of celebrating and embracing staff of all backgrounds, identities, abilities, and perspectives to feel accepted, safe, empowered, supported, and affirmed to be their authentic selves at work.


A culture of trust, where all voices are heard

Fostering a workplace where all people are recognized for their inherent worth and dignity, talents, beliefs, backgrounds, and ways of living without feeling the need to change, alter, or assimilate. Belonging is a real sense of fitting in as yourself and feeling like you are an important member of the team.

In Action Recommendations


Create Pay Transparency, Fair Promotion, and Advancement Opportunities regardless of one’s social identities


Provide training opportunities to promote awareness of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging


Create a sense of belonging through transparent communication about important company

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