Behavioral Health Doctoral Practicum Training

LifeMoves is a participating Practicum site with the Bay Area Practicum Information Collaborative (BAPIC).

Integrated Modalities

Integrated therapeutic modalities include, but are not limited to: Internal Family Systems, Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Cognitive and Dialectical Behavioral, Family Systems, and Child-Parent Psychotherapies.

Trauma-Focused Services

Training and therapy offering evidence-based, clinical interventions that aid in healing the unseen wounds resulting from single event, multiple-event, and complex traumatic experiences.


Mindfulness trainings and practices cultivate greater awareness of the mind and body, and identify how thoughts, feelings, and behaviors affect our emotional, physical, and mental wellbeing.

Internal Family Systems

Internal Family Systems is an evidence-based, non-pathologizing theoretical framework that informs the Behavioral Health Doctoral Practicum Training Program.

Program Overview

When: Yearly from August through June

The LifeMoves Behavioral Health Program aims to foster mental and emotional wellness, enhanced interpersonal capacity, and self-efficacy for the children, families, adults, Veterans, and seniors that LifeMoves serves.

The program helps increase our clients’ acquisition of enhanced interpersonal skills and awareness, thereby improving their decision-making processes, capacity, and ability to engage in positive, productive behaviors that increase the likelihood of beneficial outcomes for themselves and their families.

Training: Individual and group therapies are provided by doctoral-level psychology graduate students supervised by licensed clinical psychologists. The graduate students are provided:

  • Weekly hour-long individual supervision sessions
  • An hour-long didactic
  • A two-hour group supervision
  • A wide array of clinical supports and trainings including Mandatory Reporter Training and Crisis Prevention Intervention training/certification

Training Philosophy

The program adheres to a developmental model of supervision in which trainees are provided assignments commensurate with their level of training, skills, and professional interests. Sensitivity to diversity and multiculturalism is essential, and contributes to student therapists’ acquisition of greater self-awareness; an essential component of both personal and professional growth.

Group Therapy Training

We offer training on two group psychotherapy models.

  1. Building Empowerment And Resilience (BEAR) is a self-defense trauma-informed psychotherapy group for women developed and led by Dr. Jennifer Keller from Stanford.
  2. Building Bridges is a child-parent attachment-based psychotherapy group for parents developed and led by Dr. Vilma Reyes from UCSF.


Neuropsychological Testing Training Program

Students who are interested in providing comprehensive and culturally-attuned neuropsychological assessments will receive training and supervision. We have two licensed neuropsychologists and at least one alumni from the previous training year who will provide supervision and mentorship.

How to Apply

LifeMoves is a participating BAPIC Practicum Site. Please visit their website to register and apply.


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