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Single Adult Services

LifeMoves provides emergency interim shelter, food, clothing, and intensive case management to rapidly return adult clients to stable housing and address the underlying factors contributing to homelessness.

Residential SHELTER Services

The LifeMoves Residential Service Program is comprised of emergency interim shelter, transitional shelter, and permanent supportive housing, all designed to offer privacy, welcome incoming residents with hospitality, enforce a safe and clean living environment, and renew a sense of dignity for clients in crisis.

LifeMoves | San Mateo County Navigation Center

The San Mateo County Navigation Center, which is operated and managed by LifeMoves, provides interim supportive housing along with a wide range of intensive services to individuals experiencing homelessness. The services provided include medical, dental, and mental health care, substance use treatment, and access to specialists who work with clients towards self-sufficiency. This state-of-the-art facility sustains a capacity of 270 people, and San Mateo County predicts that it will serve as an exemplary model to other counties across California.


Redwood City, CA 94063

Donation Drop-off Hours:

Our shelters are not currently accepting in-person donations.


LifeMoves | Julian Street inn

LifeMoves | Julian Street Inn provides emergency and transitional housing for adults working to overcome homelessness and severe mental illness.

Julian Street Inn shelters 85 clients every night, 33 of whom are Veterans.


San Jose, CA 95110
Tel: 408-271-0820

Donation Drop-off Hours:

Our shelters are not currently accepting in-person donations.


Permanent Supportive Housing

The LifeMoves mission is to return our clients to stable, self-sufficient housing.

While many of our clients achieve this successful outcome, a small segment of our clients is unable to become self-sufficient.

For chronically homeless individuals, or individuals unable to achieve self-sufficiency, LifeMoves offers three permanent supportive housing sites. Each location provides zero cost rent to unemployed residents, and extremely low rent (1/3 of a client’s income) to employed residents. Clients are not required to work, engage in case management, or receive support services. Residents are treated with dignity and as tenants, with full tenant rights.

Permanent Supportive Housing

  • Vendome
  • Triplex
  • Hester

LifeMoves | New Haven Inn

Our newest facility, LifeMoves | New Haven Inn, is an inclusive shelter in downtown San Jose with focused support for individuals who identify as LGBTQ+.

The location of this shelter is confidential to protect our clients.
LifeMoves | New Haven Inn, accessed by referral only, offers adults a safe, warm, and welcoming place to stay. Our staff are LGBTQ+ sensitive and knowledgeable, providing clients immediate and longer-term services to return to stable housing and achieve self-sufficiency.


LifeMoves | Villa

LifeMoves | Villa provides interim shelter and services for homeless families and single adult women.

Villa houses 15 families and 18 single women every night.


San Jose, CA 95112
Tel: 408-271-0685

Donation Drop-off Hours:

Our shelters are not currently accepting in-person donations.


LifeMoves | Georgia Travis House

LifeMoves | Georgia Travis House provides interim shelter and services for homeless families and single adult women.

Georgia Travis House shelters 12 families and 15 single women every night.


San Jose, CA 95112
Tel: (408) 271-1630

Georgia Travis House does not accept in-person donations. Please visit Villa for donation drop-off hours and wish-list items.

LifeMoves | Hotel de Zink

LifeMoves | Hotel de Zink provides emergency shelter, food, and case management services for adult men and women in Palo Alto.

LifeMoves | Hotel de Zink is an emergency program that alternates locations through congregations in Palo Alto and surrounding neighborhoods. The program is hosted at a different church each month, where volunteers set up nightly beds and serve home-cooked meals for homeless adults who would otherwise be forced to sleep in cars or on the streets.

Clients may stay at LifeMoves | Hotel de Zink for up to 90 days, which provides them with stability, safety, and intensive case management to help them become self-sufficient.

To access Hotel de Zink, visit the LifeMoves | Opportunity Services Center to meet in-person with a case manager:

Palo Alto, CA 94301
Tel: 650-853-8672


Monday – Friday: 8 AM – 4 PM


LifeMoves | Montgomery Street inn

LifeMoves | Montgomery Street Inn provides emergency and transitional housing for single adult men with case management, Veteran’s services, medical respite care, and other support services.

Montgomery Street Inn shelters 90 men each night, with 20 beds dedicated to Veterans.


San Jose, CA 95110
Tel: 408-271-5160

Donation Drop-off Hours:

Our shelters are not currently accepting in-person donations.


Transitional Housing Sites

Occasionally, clients are ready to graduate from the full-service shelter and support offered by LifeMoves, but are not yet able to locate or achieve stable housing.

To address this gap, LifeMoves offers three transitional shelter sites. Transitional shelter offers rent-free living and allows residents to continue saving money while they work towards self-sufficiency.

Transitional Shelter

  • Alexander House
  • Graduate House
  • Stevens House

Supportive SERVICES

Through intensive, personalized case management, LifeMoves provides holistic supportive services to build a foundation for long-term success. This personalized case management and holistic support model are crucial components of our work in returning clients to self-sufficiency.

Housing & Employment

To ensure the long-term success of our clients, LifeMoves has a variety of programs to assist our clients in their search for employment and self-sustained housing. A dedicated team of housing specialists, employment specialists, and benefit specialists on-staff support our clients in their diligent efforts to return to self-sufficiency.

LifeMoves employment programs include:

  • Career skills development
  • Resume workshops
  • Job search support

LifeMoves housing services include:

  • Rapid Re-Housing programs
  • Assistance locating affordable housing
  • Housing benefits and rental applications

Education Programs & Workshops

LifeMoves education programs and workshops help our clients improve their overall life skills and holistic well-being. Education programs are offered to all clients and are tailored to the specific client population at each site.

Health & Wellness Workshops:

Workshops are offered to all LifeMoves clients to improve overall healthy behaviors. Workshops focus on a wide range of topics including nutrition, life skills, anger management, smoking cessation, and more.

Financial Literacy Programs:

Financial literacy programs are crucial to the short and long-term success of our clients. Educating clients on the importance of saving money, budgeting, and overall improved financial management helps achieve short-term goals of paying off debt and saving money to return to housing, and long-term goals of remaining stable by better managing finances.

Behavioral Health Programs

LifeMoves clients are often exposed to significant trauma as a result of experiencing homelessness, in addition to any underlying behavioral health issues they may be struggling with. LifeMoves provides clinical psychological services to help our clients build a foundation of mental health that is needed to return to self-sufficiency.

The LifeMoves Behavioral Health Program provides comprehensive, integrated therapeutic services and support from a Trauma-Focused, Mindfulness-Based orientation. The program is designed to foster mental and emotional wellness, enhance interpersonal capacity, improve decision-making processes, and build the ability to engage in positive behaviors that increase beneficial outcomes.

The Behavioral Health program is offered to children, teens, families, Veterans, adults, and seniors at LifeMoves shelter sites in individual and group therapy sessions from doctoral-level psychology graduate students who are supervised by licensed clinical psychologists.



CONNECT is a tech-based service that allows clients who have successfully exited a LifeMoves shelter to continue engaging in remote Case Management. CONNECT offers long-term support, ensuring ongoing success once clients graduate from our shelter programs.

The program provides weekly inspirational text messages to uplift and motivate clients, as well as monthly text/email surveys to ensure their well-being and stability. CONNECT case managers provide assistance and services as needed based on clients’ responses to survey questions.

Clients are enrolled for 12 months and have the option to remain enrolled after the initial 12-month period, or can leave the program at any time.


As the homelessness crisis continues to grow and evolve, so do our clients. In order to best support this fluid landscape, LifeMoves has implemented programs to serve our clients wherever they are.

Supportive Parking for RVs (San Jose)

LifeMoves Supportive Parking for RVs program provides a secure environment for single individuals or couples living in recreational vehicles in San Jose. LifeMoves provides on-site program support including security, community outreach, case management, and supportive services with the goal of connecting clients to stable housing.

Due to limited capacity, participants must obtain a referral to be enrolled in the program. All vehicles must have updated registration and be insured. Individuals and couples interested in the program can email


Families or individuals with non-recreational vehicles, looking for supportive parking or shelter, you can contact 211 or the Here4You Hotline (408-385-2400).

Opportunity Services Center

The Opportunity Services Center provides drop-in services for single adults including food, clothing, laundry/shower facilities, and case management.


33 Encina Avenue,
Palo Alto, CA 94301
Tel: 650-853-8672
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Donation Drop-off Hours:

Monday – Friday: 8 AM – 4 PM


In-Kind Donation Wish ListYour donations are given directly free-of-charge to the homeless families and individuals in our programs to help them on their path to stable housing and self-sufficiency. Please only donate goods in new or gently-used condition. We reserve the right to refuse inappropriate or damaged items.

Field Outreach Services

Last year, LifeMoves served 1,568 clients through a wide range of Outreach services to unsheltered clients.

Programs include the Homeless Outreach Team, Healthcare for the Homeless, Hospital Outreach, and more.

Community Outreach Services

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