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“Studying English at UCSB, I became a live-in caregiver for a woman with Down Syndrome to cover expenses, which helped me discover my passion for supporting and empowering individuals to become effective self-advocates,” Becky (pictured above to the far left) explains. 

This early experience paved the way for Becky’s career in social work. Starting at LifeMoves as a Case Manager over five years ago, she now serves as Director of Social Work Services. During her tenure, she expanded the organization’s Master of Social Work (MSW) Internship Program from 13 to over 30 interns. 

In her role, Becky ensures LifeMoves offers comprehensive support for a wide range of clients across various sites, fostering a holistic and adaptable approach to social work.   

The Crucial Role of a Director of Social Work Services

The Director of Social Work Services provides leadership and strategic oversight for our expanding Master of Social Work (MSW) Internship Program. This position oversees the recruitment and management of MSW interns, ensuring they receive high-quality training and supervision. Becky, in her role as Director, oversees the Associate Director along with nine other field instructors and directly mentors seven students.   

All LifeMoves field instructors are either employees or contractors with an MSW degree and at least two years of post-MSW experience, as required by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE). They liaise between the internship program and the students’ schools, meet one-on-one with students weekly, and complete end-of-semester evaluations submitted to their respective universities.   

The MSW Internship Program at LifeMoves has grown significantly under this structured leadership. When the program started, it had just 13 students; today, it proudly supports almost 30 interns. These interns join us in the summer and typically stay for 9 to 12 months, gaining invaluable experience and contributing to our mission of supporting those in need. Becky’s role is pivotal in maintaining the program’s excellence and ensuring that future social workers are well-prepared. 

Deploying Mental Health and Case Management Services to Over 17 Sites 

The Director of Social Work Services role is integral to the Supportive Services department at LifeMoves. This role oversees the deployment of mental health and case management services across various LifeMoves sites, ensuring that diverse populations—adults, children, and families—receive the support they need. Becky states, “We actively have students at 17 of our sites and programs right now.” Students engage in one of two tracks: Case Management (CM) or Clinical. 

  • CM Track: Students in this track work within specific programs or sites, providing one-on-one case management and facilitating group sessions tailored to their assigned locations. Their work ensures that clients receive consistent and personalized support, addressing their unique needs and helping them navigate various life challenges. 
  • Clinical Track: Students in the Clinical track focus on providing one-on-one therapy, psychoeducational, and processing groups. They also offer on-site milieu or “wandering therapist” services, ensuring therapeutic support is available throughout the sites. This approach allows for flexible and responsive care, meeting clients where they are and addressing issues as they arise. 

Through these structured roles and programs, the Director of Social Work Services ensures that LifeMoves can effectively support a wide range of clients across various sites, fostering a comprehensive and adaptable approach to social work and mental health services. 

Transformative Impact on Our Clients 

Becky has significantly impacted our clients by training students in therapy and case management roles. Her mentorship translates into tangible benefits for those we serve. 

We conduct bilingual client satisfaction surveys after students meet with clients at least four times to measure our effectiveness. 

 The survey results highlight the positive impact of our program: 

  • 100% benefitted from seeing a therapist. 
  • 92% are more likely to seek future mental health support. 
  • 95% reported mood improvements. 
  • 96% felt more prepared to return to stable housing. 
  • 96% felt more hopeful. 
  • 88% saw improvements in relationship problems. 

Additionally, 100% of program/site leaders confirmed that students positively impacted clients and added value to their programs. 

Becky’s commitment to training future therapists and case managers profoundly benefits our clients, offering them the support and skills needed for positive progress. 

Celebrating Becky’s Landmark Achievement at LifeMoves 

All future Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSWs) must complete additional post-MSW clinical hours to meet state licensure requirements. Becky took advantage of this opportunity by registering with the state and beginning to accrue the necessary hours while working at LifeMoves. She has recently completed this rigorous process, officially becoming a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. This achievement makes Becky the first LifeMoves employee to gain licensure, setting a new professional development and excellence standard within our organization. 

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