My Husband Died

After 35 years of marriage and raising our four children, we were ready to start our next chapter when my husband was killed by a drunk driver. I ended up living in my car.

We Matter Again

We had been living in a trailer on a friend’s farm. It wasn’t always that way. And it isn’t that way anymore, thanks to LifeMoves.

I Can Be a Father Now, Not a Homeless Ex-con

I’m no longer an addict. I’m no longer homeless. I’m no longer incarcerated. I’m achieving my goals and being a dad again.

Veteran’s Family Gets New Lease on Life

It was maybe the worst day of my life, the day my family was evicted from our home. To save my daughter from a life of dumpster diving, I came to LifeMoves.

I Found Myself at LifeMoves

I have been incarcerated. And for 10 years, I was addicted. Even though I worked, I was on the streets. LifeMoves gave me a safe place to live and a second chance.

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