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Isabelle Nunes/Daily Journal 

Complaints about RVs cease, all residents find housing

Redwood City’s Safe RV Parking Program, an initiative aimed at transitioning RV dwellers into more permanent housing while relieving community concerns, has come to a close two years after it launched.

The end of February also marked the official end of Redwood City’s Safe Parking program. The initiative was spearheaded by Human Services Manager Teri Chin and former councilmembers Diana Reddy and Giselle Hale and was meant to address two issues in the city — assisting RV dwellers with finding safe and stable housing and the growing concerns from residents about the long-term parking of RVs on city streets.

Following numerous community meetings held over a year’s time, the group came to the council with a proposal. The city would change its laws to prohibit overnight parking of RVs on city streets while instituting a program where RV dwellers would be permitted to safely park their vehicles 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

“Even the people who complained because they were facing the impacts of the RVs on the street, those same people were encouraging us to do what we did. Even the people complaining were recognizing that these were our neighbors,” Chin said. “And at the time we were working on this, our city leadership was very clear, the folks living in RVs on the street are our residents, just like people who live in an apartment and the residents who are also business owners. We want to listen and serve all of our residents.”  Learn how LifeMoves supported the site.

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