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New Interim Supportive Housing Developments

LifeMoves is excited to announce the development of new projects in Silicon Valley that will move an additional 2,000 people off the streets each year. The supportive interim housing sites in San Jose, Palo Alto, Redwood City, and Mountain View represent a new model for temporary housing — a model focused on dignity, security, and stability. They are designed to provide social support services to help people get their lives back on track so they can find permanent housing.

San Mateo County Navigation Center

Serves up to 260 people |  Opened 2023

Filling the Need in San Mateo County

According to San Mateo County, over 1,500 County residents were experiencing homelessness in 2019, with over 900 unsheltered. Navigation Center provides Interim Supportive Housing and intensive services for individuals without shelter and with a capacity to serve up to 260 people at a time. This interim supportive housing facility is a part of the County’s goal to achieve functional zero for homelessness. LifeMoves will operate and manage the site providing supportive services and pathways to stable housing.

  • 2.5 acres
  • 240 rooms, can sleep up to 260 per night
  • State-of-the-art shelter with outdoor spaces and dog run
  • Electric commercial training kitchen to serve residents
  • Space for on-site counseling, vocational training, and other services
  • The project targets Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification, all-electric design, and carbon neutrality

Homekey Branham Lane, San Jose

Serves up to 250 people | In planning phase


The Branham/Monterey community with 180 units for single adults and 24 flexible units for couples/multi-generational adult families  will become the City’s largest quick-build community and the only development so far that will be multistory, with three stories of modular units, allowing for many more individuals to be housed. Using prefabricated, modular units on public land reduces time and costs — (a fraction of the time and cost of traditional apartments). The project is expected to be completed  in 2024.


The project is funded by a grant of $51,552,800 from the State of California’s Homekey program awarded to The City of San José and LifeMoves, the City’s development partner. The award to San José is the third largest award in the state to date, and the awarded development is the second largest project based on the number of units to date.

Quick Facts
  • The Homekey Branham Lane quick-build community will be the fifth interim housing project developed in San Jose.
  • Including Homekey Branham Lane, San Jose will have a total of 717 quick-build interim housing beds completed, planned, or under development.
  • Another 283 beds are planned at different publicly-owned sites throughout the City.

Through this model, San José has already served over 663 unhoused residents, and halted the increase in unsheltered homeless residents for the first time since 2015.

  • Of the total residents transitioned out of quick-build units, 82% remained housed in some way, including 56% who transitioned to permanent housing;
  • Based on the 2022 countywide point-in-time census (PIT) the percentage of homeless residents who are sheltered increased by 74% compared
    to 2019.
“LifeMoves believes that people experiencing homelessness deserve a safe and dignified place to call home as soon as possible.”

Aubrey Merriman, CEO of LifeMoves

Homekey Palo Alto

Serves up to 164 people | In planning phase

The Need

According to the 2022 Point-in-Time Homeless Census, over 10,000 residents were experiencing homelessness in Santa Clara County, with over 7,708 of those unsheltered.

The Solution

LifeMoves’ Homekey Palo Alto provides supportive housing and intensive services for individuals without shelter. LifeMoves will operate and manage the site, providing supportive services and pathways to stable housing for over 200 people each year.

Homekey Palo Alto is funded by a $26 million award from the State of California as part of Project Homekey. The project is part of Santa Clara County’s Community Plan to End Homelessness, developed collaboratively by representatives of community-based service organizations, local government, philanthropists, businesses, the healthcare sector, and people with lived experience.

  • 1-acre lot at 1237 San Antonio Road
  • 88 rooms (64 for singles/couples and 24 for families) with ensuite showers and restrooms
  • State-of-the-art shelter and modular village with on-site laundry, kitchen/pantry, children’s play area, dog area and outdoor community spaces.
  • Space for on-site counseling, vocational training, and other supportive services.
  • Construction is expected to begin mid-2023 with a targeted opening by early 2025

LifeMoves Mountain View

Serves up to 120 people | Opened 2021

Modular Units for Quick Construction

Getting people off the streets and into housing — it’s a top priority. And to support that effort, LifeMoves opened a new housing facility in Mountain View in a record 8-months’ time and at a fraction of the cost of traditional congregate housing. At the site, all clients are assigned a case manager who provides access to benefits and other needed services to build self-sufficiency. At the opening, the Governor called this a model that should be replicated.

Other Developments

Safe Parking Facility for 80 RVs in San Jose

240+ people per year

Motel Conversion in San Mateo

156 people per year

Scaling for Impact

These new LifeMoves sites are in addition to the 7,500 people that LifeMoves currently serves in our 30 facilities throughout Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties.


people experiencing homelessness in Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties


people off the streets each year


nights of shelter provided last year
Part of a Comprehensive Program

These supportive housing developments are part of a larger strategy to tackle homelessness.

Changing Lives

Our end result is having a huge impact on people like Jen, Danny, and Audrey. A veteran suffering from substance abuse, with support from LifeMoves, Danny was able to get his life in order, reunite with his daughter, get a job, and find a new home.

You watch the video of his story here.

Invest in Success

Bold thinking. Continual refinement. Meeting people’s needs. For 40 years, LifeMoves has been rising to the challenge of stabilizing lives and helping our unhoused neighbors find permanent homes. Support our proven model and invest in success. Donate today.


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