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Homeless safe parking
June 15, 2021

LifeMoves | Motel Voucher Programs

LifeMoves | Motel Voucher Programs provide a safe location for families, couples, and individuals with high-risk factors ofCOVID-19 to stay while receiving individual case management, food, and services. The Motel Voucher Program works with extended stay motels in both Santa Clara and San Mateo County to offer clients a comfortable and interim space to live.…
May 6, 2021

LifeMoves Mountain View

LifeMoves Mountain View provides supportive interim housing and wraparound services to families, couples, and individuals experiencing homelessness. With 100 private units, LifeMoves Mountain View is a welcoming, dignified, safe community for clients. Prioritizing families and seniors, the community is ADA-compliant with a focus on modern and comfortable living spaces.   Location: 2566 Leghorn St, Mountain…
LifeMoves | Coastside Inn
April 27, 2021

LifeMoves | Coast House

LifeMoves | Coast House provides interim housing and support services to families, couples, and individuals experiencing homelessness in Half Moon Bay. With 52 private rooms, the Coast House offers safe shelter and wraparound case management services to help clients work toward long-term self-sufficiency and return to homes of their own.
Homeless Services and shelter
January 2, 2020

LifeMoves | Vendome

LifeMoves | Vendome provides permanent supportive housing to 16 chronically homeless adult men and women in San Mateo. Location: 415 2nd Avenue, San Mateo, CA 94401 Tel: 650-340-6733 View Map ⟶
Veteran Hospital Homeless shelter
January 2, 2020

LifeMoves | Veterans Hoptel

LifeMoves | Hoptel provides 1 to 3 nights of shelter, along with case management and transportation, to low ­income Veterans from out­ of­ town coming to receive medical care and/or assessment from the local Veterans hospital. The name “Hoptel” is a play on the word “hotel” and "hop" - a military term for a short stay.…
Homeless Shelter
January 2, 2020

LifeMoves | Maple Street

LifeMoves | Maple Street provides emergency and transitional housing for 141 single men and women each night. Maple Street also serves up to 20 Veteran clients every night.
Homeless Shelter Veterans
January 2, 2020

LifeMoves | Montgomery Street Inn

LifeMoves | Montgomery Street Inn (MSI) provides emergency and transitional housing for up to 90 single adult men per night with case management, Veteran's services, medical respite care, and other support services. Veteran Services include: Veterans Medical Respite (VMR) at MSI serves up to 8 Veteran males who have need for supported medical follow-up care.…
Homeless Shelter San Jose
January 2, 2020

LifeMoves | Julian Street Inn

LifeMoves | Julian Street Inn provides emergency and interim housing for adults working to overcome homelessness and serious mental illness. Julian Street Inn houses 85 clients, 11 of whom are Veterans, every night.  
LGBTQ Homeless Shelter
January 2, 2020

LifeMoves | New Haven Inn

Location: LifeMoves | New Haven Inn, is an inclusive shelter in downtown San Jose with focused support for individuals who identify as LGBTQ+. The location of this shelter is confidential to protect our clients. New Haven Inn, accessed by referral only, offers adults a safe, warm, and welcoming place to stay. Our staff are LGBTQ+…